How it happened

Hannah, is my daughter and the inspiration for me in creating the Debdencycle. In 2013 we cycled 350 miles from Debden to Cornwall, camping along the way. Hannah had turned 13 that March and neither of us had ever tackled such a task. We also arranged a local 35 mile ride for us and some friends. Those were our first two efforts to raise money for The Royal Engineer Regiments. In 2014 I advertised the local ride a little wider and I was a little startled when 80/90 riders took part. For 2015 we made the ride a more professional affair, registration with British Cycling, insurance cover, marshals, first aid cover etc. The ride was a huge success with 170 riders taking part. Hannah and I rode back to Cornwall during the summer of 2015,,,, just for fun! It doesn’t stop there, in 2017 Hannah and I cycled from home to France, through Belgium and Holland and back home. Not to be out done, Hannah’s brother has now started the long distance cycling with me and came with me on our “To Cornwall” ride in 2018.
As I have said lots of times, “We’re just an ordinary family and we can cycle those distances I’m sure you can manage 35 or 50 on The Debdencycle”.