Introduction by Brian Lindsell

The Lindsell family raising money for The Felix Fund, The Royal Engineer Charity. Nobody from our immediate family have ever served in the army but this is our way of showing our appreciation and acknowledging the sacrifices made by our neighbours at Carver Barracks. I have lived in the parish of Debden since 1975 and through my children we have had many close ties to the families at Carver Barracks. The Engineers do a fantastic and very hazardous job which has lead to some of them sustaining life changing injuries.

We started in 2013 with a 350 mile cycle ride to Cornwall. We carried everything we needed for the week and camped each night. A formidable challenge for anyone and one which Hannah (who turned just 13 years old in March 2013) felt she could conquer. I assumed the role of “pack mule”. That year we also organised a local 35 mile ride for friends to join us on. The 35 mile ride (which goes through three counties, Essex, Cambs’, & Herts) has been expanded to include a 50 mile ride to run in tandem with the 35 miler.

A big thank you to Superstar Comedian Mr Ed Byrne and Intercounty Estate Agents for giving their backing to this endeavour. Ed helped to officially launch the fundraising in the spring of 2013 (A thoroughly nice bloke).

Please take a few minutes to find out a little more about The Felix Fund, 33 Engineer Injured Soldiers Fund and Debdencycle.

The Felix Fund

33 Engineer Regiment

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Debdencycle European tour July 2017

Thank you.

Brian Lindsell