2013 To Cornwall – Day six & seven Friday 9th & Saturday 10th

Perranporth early on Saturday morning

We had made it to Hendra holiday park, as planned, just outside Newquay by Friday afternoon. It had been another hard riding day and I swear not a metre was ridden on the flat,,, it all goes up or down around here!

That left us with just ten miles on the Saturday morning. Anybody who has driven the 10 miles between Newquay and Perranporth will appreciate that these were some of the most hazardous miles we would travel! (Families just a few miles from their destination seem to lose all regard for other road users). We rolled into Perranporth early on Saturday morning. It felt quite odd to be here without the rest of the family and with no car. After all the hills and all the amazing people we have met, we have finished! I don’t think either of us can quite believe that we actually did it (and with no arguments at all).

I am incredibly proud of the dedication Hannah showed before the ride, her determination during it and ultimately her achievement.

Hannah and I to cycled to Cornwall again in the summer of 2015. We cut a day out of the 2013 schedule meaning 65 miles for each of the 5 days (again carrying all our camping gear and clothes). I’m sure you can manage 35 or 50 miles with us in 2016.

Please mail us at debdencycle@live.co.uk or telephone on 01799542569 / 07974771414 for more details.

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